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Businesses struggle to balance innovation and security

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock)

Businesses are having a hard time balancing between digital innovation and maintaining a secure experience for their customers. This is according to a new report by Akamai Technologies, which also adds that those companies that do manage to keep their services secure while innovating, see more growth than their competitors.

“With the help of this research by Forrester, Akamai has created a way to evaluate how digitally mature a company is, based both on the effectiveness of its digital experience and the strength of its security posture,” said Ari Weil, vice president of product marketing, Akamai.

“It is imperative for these innovators to strike a delicate balance between seamless digital experience and comprehensive security. We think our research shows how companies are achieving, or struggling to reach, that balance, and Akamai is ready to help usher any organisation along a path to digital maturity.”

Further in the report, Akamai takes a closer look at trust, concluding that it is at an “all-time low”. More than a third of surveyed execs don’t think the trust levels of their customers is at an satisfactory level.

This lack of trust is being attributed to poor security posture.

Companies are rushing to innovate and digitally transform. Digitalisation is being perceived as extremely important for gaining a competitive edge, improving customer satisfaction and trust.

Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock

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