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Businesses struggling to keep up with the growth of data production

(Image credit: Shutterstock / whiteMocca)

Dealing with unstructured data is becoming quite the problem for organizations everywhere. According to a new report from data migration software provider Datadobi, data management costs are expected to grow by more than a quarter (26 percent) in the coming year.

The biggest challenges include storage management, disaster recovery requirements, cost and migration.

To tackle these issues, organizations are forced to look beyond traditional on-premise storage infrastructure, the report claims. That means leveraging both public cloud storage and managed services, in order to lift at least some of the burden from the IT staff. Essentially, organizations are turning towards hybrid cloud for solutions. 

As a result, the report concludes, companies will need cross-platform data migration (data mobility), protection and management rooted in clear and identifiable ownership.

Businesses should look for tools and platforms that will allow them to use multiple vendors and cloud offerings. That way, they won’t get locked in with a single vendor, and will be able to negotiate better terms, which means both lower prices and better services.

“The ability to provide deeper insight into how data is being used is invaluable given the price disparity between high performance storage tiers and low-cost archive tiers,” the report concluded.

For Michael Jack, Datadobi CRO, efficient data mobility has taken on new importance, as cloud adoption grows. “Retention policies, data protection policies, and data disposition policies need to be clearly defined through partnerships between business data owners and the infrastructure owners who provide storage services to the business,” he added.