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Businesses that embrace automation are reaping the rewards

(Image credit: Image Credit: MNBB Studio / Shutterstock)

An increasing number of UK businesses are adopting process automation technologies, with many already reaping the rewards, according to a new report from digital intelligence firm ABBYY.

The report states that almost two thirds of UK businesses are using process mining technologies, almost a third are employing robotic process automation (RPA), while another third said the introduction of RPA was in the pipeline for next year.

Almost all respondents (89 percent) said more than half of their automation-related projects have been a success, while a quarter reported success across all deployments.

However, despite some businesses reporting strong returns, others have failed to capitalise on the benefits associated with automation technologies, primarily due to a failure to fully understand the process they were attempting to automate.

Scepticism is also a significant factor, with a third unsure automation is worth the investment and a further group nervous deploying about the technology.

For Neil Murphy, Global VP at ABBYY, it all needs to start with an understanding of the processes that needs automating.

“To do this, they need the right intelligent technologies that can do the job for them. Investing in technologies like process mining gives businesses a 360-degree view of how their business operates, where processes are creating bottlenecks or delays, and where they’re making great work happen,” said Murphy.

“However, without having oversight of and insights into these critical processes, there is no point starting transformational (and expensive) automation projects – it would be like flying from Heathrow to Sydney with no fuel in the engine.”