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Businesses with cloud apps are leaving the competition eating dust

Businesses in Europe that have sent at least one of their core business areas to the cloud now have a ‘huge’ competitive advantage over their peers, according to a new report by Frost & Sullivan. The company says businesses that have adopted a cloud-based approach for either accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) or ERP are reaping the benefits of their (r)evolutionary approach. The report is based on a poll of 600 senior IT decision makers from a cross section of industries throughout Europe. 

“For businesses in Europe, cost savings are not the main driver for moving to cloud business applications. Our research shows that they increasingly see cloud as a solution to the challenges of industry transformation, competition and as a means to facilitate global expansion,” said Alexander Michael, Director of Consulting at Frost & Sullivan. 

“With so many citing cloud applications as an advantage, it’s clear that organisations that have not yet made the move are losing out.” According to the report, businesses are no longer confining cloud-based apps to the likes of productivity, customer relations management or collaboration – now core processes, such as finance, are cloud-based, as well. 

The number of companies deploying key management tools to the cloud has risen in the UK from 40 per cent two years ago, to 62 per cent today. 

“This research confirms what we’ve been seeing across our customer base in Europe for the last several years,” said Mark Woodhams, SVP & Managing Director of NetSuite EMEA. “Businesses are turning to the cloud for its agility, scalability and flexibility, and reaping the rewards by delivering innovative product and services that are transforming industries.”  

Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay