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Businesses worry about their ability to prevent data exfiltration

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Despite organizations investing heavily in security tools, many are increasingly worried about their ability to prevent data exfiltration.

This is according to a new report from security firm BlackFog, based on a survey of 255 cybersecurity professionals, which states that data exfiltration is now a far more pressing concern than a year ago.

Only two in five (43 percent) are very confident in their organization’s ability to prevent criminals from harvesting data from their networks. Most of the time (68 percent), existing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are difficult to configure and maintain, while in some cases (51 percent) they are simply ineffective. 

The growing concern is fueled by a rise in cybercrime, the report states. Over the past twelve months, almost half of organizations (42 percent) have experienced a ransomware attack with no evidence of exfiltration, while 41 percent suffered data exfiltration as a result of employee negligence. A third experienced data exfiltration after a successful phishing attack, and in a third of cases data exfiltration resulted in the loss of credentials.

To tackle the issue, BlackFog suggests a new approach: anti data exfiltration. 

“Despite significant investment in ‘best-in-breed’ security tools (more than 59 percent of all organizations have from 3-9 tools), it’s clear organizations are still struggling with cyberattacks resulting in data exfiltration. The industry’s current approach to security isn’t working and a new solution is needed,” said BlackFog Founder and CEO, Dr Darren Williams. 

“By targeting multiple parts of the kill chain, anti data exfiltration is able to block the activation and spread of cyberattacks. Since cyberattacks – especially ransomware – focus on data theft and extortion, it has become an important technique to thwart modern polymorphic attacks.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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