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C-Suite execs pose the greatest threat to mobile device security

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Chinnapong)

Despite being frequently targeted by cybercriminals, C-Level executives are first in line to demand relaxations of mobile security protocols. This is according to a new report from cybersecurity firm MobileIron, based on a poll of 300 enterprise IT decision-makers and 50 C-level executives across Europe.

The firm's Trouble at the Top report revealed that many C-Suite employees believe IT security compromises their personal privacy and limits the usability of their devices - and in some cases is too complex to understand.

The most common exemption requests relate to accessing unsupported devices, data or apps, and bypassing multi-factor authentication.

However, the report also claims C-Level execs are “highly vulnerable” to phishing and spear phishing attacks, with 71 percent of respondents stating believing the C-Suite is "most likely" to suffer this form of attack.

For Brian Foster, SVP Product Management at MobileIron, the results are “concerning”, as individual exemptions “drastically increase” the risk of a data breach.

“Accessing business data on a personal device or app takes data outside of the protected environment, leaving critical business information exposed for malicious users to take advantage of," he said.

"Meanwhile, MFA – designed to protect businesses from the leading cause of data breaches, stolen credentials – is being side-stepped by C-Suite execs."