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Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

(Image credit: Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock)

The US-Huawei debate has taken another turn after a Canadian telecommunications company labelled the Chinese tech giant as a “reliable” partner. 

In an internal memo, signed by a Telus and published by The Globe and Mail, it was said that “Huawei remains a viable and reliable participant in the Canadian telecommunications space, bolstered by globally leading innovation, comprehensive security measures, and new software upgrades.”

Telus is a Canadian national telecommunications company, founded in 1990. It provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television. Now, the media are speculating that it may use Huawei to build out its 5G network.

The US believes Huawei is a threat to its national security. Allegedly, the company is working with the Chinese government, building backdoors and allowing Chinese to use its communications infrastructure to spy on its adversaries. A number of countries, the US included, have banned Huawei from building their 5G networks, citing matters of national security. The UK is also weighing its options.

Huawei, on the other hand, denies the accusations, saying there is zero evidence to support such claims. Still, a Huawei employee (now former employee), was arrested in Poland over allegations of spying. The company’s CFO was also arrested in Canada at the behest of the US which wants to extradite her on allegations of fraud.

Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock