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CEOs are the 'biggest risk' to enterprise security

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Four in ten organisations in the US and Western Europe believe C-level executives are at most risk of cyber attacks when working outside the office. 

That's according to research by iPass, whose Mobile Security Report 2017 says that coffee shops and cafes are the riskiest venues (42 per cent), followed by airports (30 per cent), hotels (16 per cent) exhibition centres (seven per cent) and airplanes (four per cent). 

The report is based on 500 responses from organisations in the UK, US, Germany and France. More than nine in ten (93 per cent) said they were worried about security, with 47 per cent saying they were ‘very’ concerned (up from 36 per cent last year). 

More than two thirds (68 per cent) have banned employees from using public WiFis ‘to some extent’.

"The grim reality is that C-level executives are by far at the greatest risk of being hacked outside of the office. They are not your typical 9-5 office worker. They often work long hours, are rarely confined to the office, and have unrestricted access to the most sensitive company data imaginable. They represent a dangerous combination of being both highly valuable and highly available, therefore a prime target for any hacker," said Raghu Konka, vice president of engineering at iPass. 

"Cafés and coffee shops are everywhere and offer both convenience and comfort for mobile workers, who flock to these venues for the free high speed internet as much as for the coffee. However, cafés invariably have lax security standards, meaning that anyone using these networks will be potentially vulnerable."   

The full report can be found on this link (opens in new tab)

Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

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