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China set to release a national AI plan

(Image credit: Image Credit: Enzozo / Shutterstock)

China is reportedly set to boost its AI capabilities as it looks to boost and improve its tech talent. 

According to a Reuters report, this is all part of a soon-to-be-announced national Artificial Intelligence plan, which was allegedly confirmed by a senior Chinese official speaking to China Daily.

The goal of the project is apparently to use AI to boost productivity and give more power to the employees. The country will release a number of different artificial intelligence development projects and research papers.

It was also said that more resources will be allocated to make sure talent is nurtured. According to Chinese minister of science and technology, Wan Gang, AI will be used more in education, healthcare and security.

The entire plan will soon be released to the public, the minister confirmed. 

Another way the country plans on boosting its AI game is to work in cooperation with international AI organisations. Also, China will be looking to encourage foreign AI firms to open research and development centres in the country.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is slowly becoming a norm in the business world, with many organisations in virtually every vertical becoming more aware of the benefits of AI. Besides cutting costs and improving workflow, it also frees employees’ time for more meaningful tasks.

Image Credit: Enzozo / Shutterstock