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China urges UK not to penalise Huawei 5G

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

During the weekend, China urged the UK to abstain from discriminatory behaviour against Huawei, when it comes to building the nation's 5G network.

In an op-ed published in the Sunday Telegraph, China’s UK ambassador Liu Xiaoming basically said the UK shouldn’t crumble under US pressure and should make its own decisions. It was also said that Huawei has a good security track record.

“The last thing the world needs is the introduction of any sort of discriminatory measures toward companies involved in 5G network development,” he said.

“The last thing China expects from a truly open and fair ‘global Britain’ is a playing field that is not level.” He said he understands everyone’s concerns, but added that they could be managed.

“The risks should be taken seriously but risks must not be allowed to incite fear. They can be managed, provided countries and companies work together,” he said.

The US has been quite vocal against Huawei building anyone’s 5G infrastructure, claiming the company works with the Chinese government and would allow it to spy on its western adversaries.

It was recently uncovered that the UK would allow Huawei to work on non-essential parts of the network, like antennas, for example.

Huawei denies all allegations, saying they are completely unfounded. The company argues that, if anything, it’s more secure than others, giving the level of scrutiny it was exposed to, in the past couple of months.

Image Credit: Shutterstock