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Chinese hackers breach IBM and HPE

(Image credit: Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock)

Chinese state-sponsored hackers have attacked some of the biggest tech companies around, stole data on their users, then used that data to attack the users themselves. 

Reuters says that the attacked networks belong to the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, and others, citing multiple sources 'familiar with the attacks'. While both companies said they take cybersecurity very seriously and that user security is of the utmost importance to them, they did not wish to comment on this particular incident.

IBM did say that it had found no evidence of data theft. HPE threw the hot potato in the hands of DXC Technology, saying HPE’s managed services provider business “moved to DXC Technology in connection with HPE’s divestiture of its Enterprise Services business in 2017.” DXC was also quiet.

The cyberattack campaign in question is called Cloudhopper. It is a known campaign, with multiple governments issuing a number of warnings about it. According to New Statesman Tech, US and UK governments have loudly condemned these activities. The UK government described the attack as “one of the most significant and widespread cyber intrusions against the UK and allies uncovered to date”. Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said these activities ‘must stop’.

“They go against the commitments made to the UK in 2015, and, as part of the G20, not to conduct or support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property or trade secrets. “

“China’s goal, simply put, is to replace the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower and they’re using illegal methods to get there,” said FBI director Chris Wray in a news conference reported by Reuters.

Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock