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Christmas sales are dying

Don't panic just yet, but it seems as Christmas sales are going to die, and it's going to be Black Friday who kills them. A new report compares sales from Black Friday (22 – 28 November) with those of the Christmas sales (21 – 27 December), and it seems as Black Friday is doing much better.

Data from ecommerce consultancy Salmon’s Peak Trading Operations Centre shows Black Friday with 28 per cent more orders. It also seems that consumers are twice as likely to convert sales on Black Friday than Boxing Day – conversion rate was 35 per cent higher on Black Friday than Boxing Day.

There was 27 per cent more traffic during Black Friday, and people browsed 46 per cent longer, as well. People also seem to be spending more – orders were, on average, nine per cent more expensive.

“While it would be premature to call 2016 the end of Christmas sales, what’s clear is that peak trading has shifted dramatically towards the Black Friday period,” said Patrick Munden, Head of Retail and Marketing at Salmon. 

“With more traffic, more orders and more conversion occurring over Black Friday week, consumers are embracing the smorgasbord of deals that November offers, leaving Christmas deals trailing in its wake. The challenge for retailers is managing these peaks and making sure that while they have the correct and necessary digital provisions to make Black Friday a success, they also don’t cannibalise their own Boxing Day/Christmas sales opportunities.”

Image Credit: Anchiy / Shutterstock