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Chrome OS may be introducing virtual desktops

(Image credit: Image Credit: Photo-Mix / Pixabay )

Google is apparently working on virtual desktops for their Chrome OS operating system, and the community is hyped. And that's putting it mildly.

The news broke out on 9to5Google, who published a video to YouTube (you can check it out here), showing how virtual desktops might work on Chrome OS.

Truth be told, the video doesn't show much, but at least it shows that the company is working on bringing this feature (which Android Police considers essential to the OS). What we can make out from the video is that there will be a shelf at the top of the screen, with the option to manually create multiple desktops.

The description says that the shelves will have screenshots in the future. A mouse / tap gesture is also in the works, to allow for faster and easier switching between the desktops.

Now for the sad news – there is still no release date. We have no idea how far along (or how far away) the project is, so it is very possible that it could be months before we actually get to play with the tool.

9to5Google says that it could arrive with the Canary 74 build, and that would be at the earliest.

Image Credit: Photo-Mix / Pixabay