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Google Chrome update will stop websites hijacking your browser back button

(Image credit: Image Credit: Earl Jeffson / Flickr)

Google is updating its Chrome browser to cut down on the increasingly popular practice of hijacking the 'back' button on your browser.

It caught its attention to such a degree that it's looking to add new pieces of code to Chromium to make sure back button hijacking gets eradicated.

It would work in a way that Chrome would try and spot any attempts at manipulating the browser history. If it spots such shady behaviour, it would flag or skip entries that were not at your direct request.

Google has been doing a lot of work lately, combating fraud and general website abuse. Earlier this month, the company announced a new update in which it would block fake ads. That should be a lot of help for people who can’t distinguish between genuine system warnings and fraudulent advertisement posing as system messages.

The latest version, Chrome 71, now blocks ads on abusive sites that prompt fake system warnings, hide, minimise or otherwise limit the use of the close button, and generally do tricky stuff to force people into clicking ads and moving towards another site or landing page.

Sites that do this won’t get blocked instantly, but will instead get a 30-day notice to clean their act up. The same would apply for back button hijacking – if that feature ever makes it to the live version of Chrome.

Image Credit: Earl Jeffson / Flickr

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