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CIOs are feeling held back by internal politics

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'Sacred cows' and internal politics are holding digital transformation down, researchers claim. This leads CIOs to feel unsatisfied in their current roles, as they feel they haven't fulfilled their roles or achieved their goals.

 This is according to a new report by Citrix, based on a poll of 400 CIOs in organisations with 250+ employees. These CIOs are facing many roadblocks on their quest to digital transformation. The biggest one is legacy systems, which make transformation difficult. Then, there are ‘sacred cows’, or ideas and ways of working which are immune to criticism.

Finally, it is all topped off with the c-suite who is only interested in the return on investment, and it’s pretty impatient with it, too. The report also throws a little budgetary woes, for good measure.

CIOs wouldn’t consider their technology as agile and inherent to the business. It works, but it isn’t smart or optimally used.

Poor IT infrastructure, underinvestment and weak IT leadership skills result in reduced productivity, less growth and unsatisfactory modernisation.

At the same time, many organisations hire a chief digital officer (CDO) in hopes of moving the business forward, but CIOs believe it’s a waste of time and funds as the CDO position will be redundant within half a decade. Some think it’s redundant today.

“CIOs need patience, backing and autonomy from the board in order to turn their vision into a reality. Many feel hamstrung by the infrastructure they inherited and report being denied the time and organisational structure to put it right – resulting in them leaving their roles without having achieved what they’d set out to do,” Darren Fields, Regional Director, UK & Ireland, Citrix said.

“For any organisation to reach a point at which digital technology is a business enabler - rather than a function - its tech leaders must be allowed the time and freedom to evaluate the state of play, develop a plan and then execute on it. Short-termism leaves businesses uncertain on this digital strategy, which holds back productivity, restrains growth and puts businesses under increasing threat from competitors,” Fields added.

Image Credit: Coffee / Pixabay

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