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CIOs now take responsibility for corporate image

(Image credit: Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens)

Chief information officers are no longer just in charge of safeguarding their company’s data. They are also in charge of corporate reputation, trust, and are perceived as spokespeople, as well.

This is according to a new report by Edelman, called CIO in Focus.

Polling 400 CIOs in the UK, US, China and Singapore, the report says how most CIOs see their leadership as having a “direct impact” on their company’s reputation and image.

According to the polled CIOs, they are expected to play a pivotal role when it comes to building the reputation of the company, among both workers and customers. At the same time, more than half of CIOs polled (53 per cent) say they are also expected to act as an “external spokesperson”.

Among the people that look to CIOs for trust and good reputation are the consumers, as well. Edelman’s report from earlier in the year argues that CIOs are the “New Guardians of Trust”, and are more trusted than any other public figure.

“The pace of innovation and regulation is fundamentally changing the role of a CIO,” said Sanjay Nair, global technology sector chair at Edelman.

“Their remit now spans from data security and privacy to the ethical use of artificial intelligence and safeguarding their organization’s future through digital transformation. Not only are they expected to keep the backend IT systems humming, they also are right at the heart of building trust with customers, investors and employees.”