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Cisco confirms large-scale layoffs

(Image credit: Flickr / Prayitno)

Cisco is laying off some 200 to 300 people from its Customer Experience and Cloud Platforms and Solutions Group departments. 

According to The Register, Cisco says that the changes will bring “greater value to our customers”, and many are set to be re-employed in other sectors of its business.

However one employee told The Register how important it is for everyone to know “how little a company really cares for you”. Most of the laid off employees were located in the US and Bangalore. They’re mostly ‘blue badge’ employees, the Register says, with ‘red badge’ contractors being on the safe end of the deal.

But most of the employees that have been laid off will have the opportunity to be re-employed in other sectors within Cisco, the report states, as "the number of open roles in Cisco far outnumbers the layoffs”.

This, obviously, will depend on numerous factors, like if hiring managers really want to keep those people on board, or if the employees themselves want to stick around.

“Payoffs are, by some accounts, pretty good for those leaving, and recruiters for the competition are no-doubt hovering for the best pickings”, the report adds.

Cisco employs some 70,000 people globally.

Image Credit: Flickr / Prayitno

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