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Cisco unveils 5G preparation service

(Image credit: Image Credit: Supparsorn / Shutterstock)

Cisco has unveiled a new portfolio that aims to help service providers move along with 5G networks.

Called 5G Now, the portfolio focuses on services (planning for new 5G-enabled services), infrastructure (mapping the right 5G infrastructure for service providers’ needs) and automation (helping to make the mass network scaling for 5G simpler to manage).

The portfolio includes a couple of things: Multi-cloud (helps to manage workloads across different clouds), and IP Core (programmability and capabilities of networks can be expanded with real-time telemetry for automation, with the new Cisco NCS-500 series of access routers, and Cisco IOS XR software as the single domain from data centres to the cell tower).

Then, there’s the 5G Packet Core and Service Edge, a unified platform for service enablement over licensed and unlicensed radio solutions and IoT services. The portfolio offers Access, a comprehensive solution uniting cable, fibre, Wi-Fi and licensed radio solutions.

Cisco will offer a ‘number of client services’, and wrap it all up in a new 5G Security Architecture.

"4G was about buying connectivity, and 5G is about buying experiences," said Yvette Kanouff, senior vice president, general manager, Service Provider Business, Cisco. "5G creates a new environment for service creation, giving operators what they need to deliver next-level entertainment experiences. Only Cisco has the services, infrastructure and automation portfolio to support our global customers with their 5G initiatives." 

Image Credit: Supparsorn / Shutterstock