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City of Las Vegas hit by cyberattack

(Image credit: Image Credit: B-lay)

The City of Las Vegas came under a cyberattack a few days ago, but a timely reaction by the city’s cybersecurity team saved the city’s network from significant damages and even more embarrassment.

According to the official communique, the attack took place on Tuesday, January 7, at 4:30 in the morning, local time. However, the attempted attack was quickly detected, and cybersecurity staff took measures to mitigate the assault. Primarily, they took some services offline, including the website (which is live at the time of writing).

The nature of the incident was not disclosed, however the media are saying it could have something to do with an email delivery vector.

On Wednesday, the city tweeted that full operations have been resumed “with all data systems functioning as normal”.

“Thanks to our software security systems and fast action by our IT staff, we were fortunate to avoid what had the potential to be a devastating situation," it said.

"We do not believe any data was lost from our systems and no personal data was taken. We are unclear as to who was responsible for the compromise, but we will continue to look for potential indications," the city also added.

This is not the first time a US city came under cyberattack. Baltimore was targeted in May last year, leaving citizens unable to do certain tasks such as paying utility bills, parking tickets and taxes.

Then in mid December, the City of New Orleans was forced to shut down much of its computing network following an attack