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Cloud complexity overwhelming security teams

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flex)

Understanding the benefits of public and hybrid cloud environments, businesses are rushing to deploy these new technologies. However, unnecessary security compromises are being made in the process.

This is according to a new report from FireMon, based on a poll of more than 500 respondents, including executive level staff.

The report says that as networks grow increasingly complex, the visibility necessary to keep a network safe is shrinking. For 18 percent of C-Suite respondents, this is the biggest concern.

Survey respondents said they now need more vendors and enforcement points to effectively secure their systems than ever. More than three quarters (78 percent) are now using two or more enforcement points, a “substantial” jump from the 59 percent that used two enforcement points last year.

At the same time, the report revealed almost half are using two or more public cloud platforms, which only decreases visibility and makes the network more complex.

Money issues aren’t helping either, with cybersecurity budgets at many organisations cut significantly in 2020. Compared to last year, 20 percent more organisations are spending less than a quarter of their budget on cloud security.

The combination of the above factors, on top of the fact security teams are chronically understaffed, means businesses are experiencing serious gaps in public cloud and hybrid infrastructure security.

For Tim Woods, VP of Technology Alliances at FireMon, the lack of automation used across the cloud security landscape is “shocking”.

“The new State of Hybrid Cloud Security Report shows that enterprises are most concerned about these challenges, and we know that adaptive and automated security tools would be a welcomed solution for their needs.”