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Cloud could be the true key to successful digital transformation

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Cloud could be the true key to successful digital transformation, according to a new report by the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

Based on a poll of 853 senior executives from the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the report finds that more than half of enterprises (54 per cent) see cloud applications as the foundation of their digital transformation. 

Most enterprises have either already deployed cloud applications, or are currently in the process of deploying one. Organisations in the high-tech and enterprise industries are at the forefront of the push, the report says.

For some organisations, better interoperability between systems and improved collaboration are the two main reasons why they’re looking to standardise their enterprise cloud applications stack.

The ability to respond to the ever-changing market conditions with more agility is considered the main perk of cloud applications adoption, while improved data security and superior customer benefits are perceived as the top benefits.

The main challenge for businesses is being able to accurately estimate the time and cost, as well as monitoring systems. Aligning existing legacy systems with new tech, and promoting a change of culture is also seen as a huge challenge.

“As digital disruption impacts incumbents across industries, the responsiveness of their operating models is what differentiates the best from the rest,” says Dinesh Rao, Executive Vice President and Global Head – Enterprise Application Services, Infosys.

“However, enterprises face many challenges as they navigate the path towards being more sentient, ‘live’ enterprises - including choosing the right cloud approach, technology investments to repurpose and keeping up with data security. We believe the insights from this research can help enterprises with legacy landscapes to accelerate their digital journeys.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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