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Cloud demands 'paradigm shift' in approach to cybersecurity

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As organizations deploy new technology solutions and look to scale them, cybersecurity becomes a growing problem. In order to tackle this issue, businesses will often look towards the cloud for a solution.

However, deploying cloud security requires a “paradigm shift” in how businesses approach cybersecurity, according to a new report from IBM.

The report asserts that scaling legacy security models only exacerbates existing capacity, talent, and budget constraints. IBM claims that just a third (35 percent) of CISOs and less than a fifth (19 percent) of CEOs agree their organization readily attracts and retains security talent necessary to keep their premises secure. Furthermore, half (49 percent) of executives said the biggest roadblock to effective cybersecurity measures is complexity.

While cloud presents a solution, it requires a paradigm shift in how businesses approach security. Cloud security operations are built for speed, scale, interoperability, automation, and collaboration, IBM claims.

Organizations that are furthest along the cloud security journey use automated solutions six times more than beginners. They also perform twice as well across the threat remediation cycle.

More than 80 percent of C-suite executives also see security as a brand attribute, helping their organization stand out from the masses. Those with the most mature cloud security practices outperform peers by more than two times when it comes to revenue growth and profitability.

However, the same technologies and services that make the cloud such a potent platform can also become a source of vulnerability, which is why security leaders are paying close attention to ensuring cloud investments work for them, not against them.

Business leaders must adapt their security operations to new ways of working, where perimeter and trust are negotiated in real-time, says IBM.

Sead Fadilpašić

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