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Cloud-native adoption isn't quite as widespread as previously thought

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Most organizations aren’t fully realizing their cloud-native potential, missing out on major improvements to their agility, according to a new report from multi-cloud managed service provider Aptum.

Polling 400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK, across a wide variety of industries, Aptum found that just 39 percent of IT pros are fully satisfied with the rate of their cloud transformation. Only a fifth are utilizing DevOps across all applications, while even fewer (17 percent) use container services to develop and deploy all apps.

But it’s not like IT pros are oblivious to the advantages of DevOps and container services adoptions. They know very well they can expect increased operational efficiency, improved responsiveness and improved customer experience.

However, budget, time constraints and skills shortages seem to be preventing them from realizing their full cloud-native potential. The report says refactoring applications effectively requires an upfront commitment of both resources and investment, while the alternative (lifting and shifting an application into the cloud) can often be even more expensive and risky.

As a result, out of nine application categories, seven prefer to remain on-prem: human resources (HR), customer relationship management (CRM), backup, disaster recovery, bespoke applications, development, and operations.

“Respondents want to accelerate their cloud deployments, but on-premises still serves a purpose for some and will continue to for the near future,” said Marvin Sharp, VP Product and Strategy at Aptum.

“Organizations may already have sunk costs and want to make the most of their current investment, or it’s simply not a priority to migrate non-critical applications like CRM to SaaS. That’s why a gradual hybrid approach to transformation that aligns with hardware lifecycles, budgets and business goals is crucial. Working with a partner with knowledge of both legacy infrastructure and cloud-native technologies will optimize that approach.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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