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Cloud skills certifications changing in importance

(Image credit: Image Credit: TZIDO SUN / Shutterstock)

UK organisations consider cloud skills essential to digital transformation, according to a new report by Microsoft. 

The software giant's new report, entitled “Microsoft Cloud Skills Report: Closing the Cloud Skills Chasm”, says 83 per cent of UK’s organisations consider cloud skills ‘important’ or ‘critical’ to digital transformation.

Those companies with 1000 employees or more consider them ‘very critical’. 

The report suggests this could be because larger companies are ‘saddled with a broader tapestry of siloed, legacy systems’. Just two per cent of respondents said they had no plans of going more digital. 

However, finding the right people with the right skills turned out harder than expected. A third of respondents tried to recruit people with cloud skills in the last year, and out of that number – 38 per cent found it either difficult, or ‘very difficult’. This percentage jumped even higher among large companies. 

“With almost 10,000 UK businesses employing more than 250 staff, this could mean that over 3,500 organisations in the UK could be hampered by a lack of qualified staff,” the report says. 

Microsoft says that this problem is not confined to the borders of the UK, but is in fact a ‘global phenomenon’. It’s present in the US, Europe, and China, as well. 

“Shortages like these pose serious competitive issues for companies and threaten the long-term economic health of countries around the world. More than that, they threaten to widen the income gap between those who have the skills to succeed in the 21st century and those who do not. “

This is the first article in the series based on Microsoft's new cloud skills report. More details about the report, as well as a download link can be found here.

Image Credit: TZIDO SUN / Shutterstock

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