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Cloudera: get ready for the new world of the cloud

 The world of cloud computing is about to get a lot more open thanks to a new release from Cloudera.

The US giant has revealed the launch of Altus, its most advanced Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering to date, which looks to make it easier than ever before to run large-scale data processing applications on public cloud.

In particular, Cloudera says that Altus (meaning the cloud above the cloud) will help data engineers use on-demand infrastructure to speed the creation and operation of next-generation flexible cloud services and applications. 

The open-source platform will be able to streamline the deployment of so-called ‘elastic infrastructure’ services, saving time and resources in getting into the cloud.

But it also reduces the risk associated with cloud migrations by providing customers with familiar tools packaged in an open, unified, enterprise-grade platform service that delivers common storage, metadata, security, and management across multiple data engineering applications.

Altus is available now for companies using Amazon Web Services, with releases for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud coming soon.

"In designing Altus, we wanted to prioritise portability," Amr Awdwallah told ITProPortal earlier this week, "Using open source gives customer balanced relationship with the vendor.”

"We truly believe that data, when used correctly, will make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow."

Michael Moore
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