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Cloudways announces beefy Cloudflare-enhanced hosted service

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Cloudways, the managed hosting specialist, is all set to deliver native Cloudflare integration to its customers. The enhanced hosting service solution was announced at the CloudFest 2022 conference.

The new package combines the core benefits of Cloudways hosting while adding in fully integrated access to Cloudflare Enterprise at no extra cost. The business-tier protection plan normally costs more than $200 per month if it’s purchased separately.

Making such a move means business customers who need to manage tight budgets can easily step up from the popular though less potent Cloudflare Free plan. They’ll instantly be able to benefit from a much beefier array of features and functions, while also being able to handle both services using a single Cloudways account.

Once the rollout takes place Cloudways users will not need to arrange and configure business-tier CDN fallbacks separately either. The new service will allow instant toggle access to all of the Cloudflare Enterprise features, and all from within the Cloudways dashboard.

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Faster and more efficient web hosting

The new package being offered by Cloudways will boost the ability to produce business websites while also factoring in plenty of security improvements, including DDoS protection. Performance is expected to be beefier as a result of the changes too.

Combining products in such a way means that Cloudways should be able to help reduce the complexity of running a business website. Meanwhile, Cloudflare can minimize the maintenance aspect, which will mean savings in both time and money for users. Cloudways reckons ‘customers will enjoy superior Core Web Vitals, stronger rankings, and hugely-lower risks’ as a result.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to launch our partnership with Cloudflare,” said Santi Costa, Chief Marketing Officer at Cloudways. “We’ve long respected the innovation, reach and performance of the Cloudflare platform, and this native integration will allow Cloudways customers to enjoy those strengths at no extra cost. We can’t wait to see what agencies, developers, SEOs and business owners will achieve with this enhanced foundation.”

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