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Companies are ready for 5G benefits

(Image credit: Image Credit: Uverse internet)

The first thing that comes to mind to most people when 5G is mentioned is the speed at which they’ll be able to download their favourite movies on mobile. 

However, 5G is much more than that, and companies are already getting ready on reaping the benefits of the new technology.

Speed is an obvious advantage, but what 5G will also do is enable enterprises to provision, or ‘slice’ core pieces of their networks to power mission-critical new offerings and smart ecosystems.

That can include high-speed internet for emergency services, communications for autonomous vehicles, or connectivity for industry-related IoT devices.

According to Oracle Communications’ new study, organisations believe 5G will boost employee productivity, reduce costs, enhance the customer experience and improve overall organisational agility.

There are a couple of things organisations are focused on, when looking at 5G as an enabler. They want to unlock the potential of IoT, monetise new services, boost experiences and improve overall business cybersecurity. 

“Enterprises clearly want to capitalize on the promise of 5G, however, to be successful, IT and business leaders must avoid thinking of 5G as just another ‘G,’ and should instead consider it as an enabler to the smart ecosystem we have long talked about,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications.

“This means asking the right questions at the outset, and considering how 5G can help enable upcoming solutions, what timeframe should be considered and how will they will procure and use 5G capabilities as part of their business evolution.”

Image Credit: Uverse internet

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