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Companies across EMEA lack tools to unlock data opportunities

(Image credit: Image Credit: Geralt / Pixabay)

Businesses in EMEA are struggling to extract value from the data generated by their systems, according to a new report from enterprise networking firm Aruba.

Based on a poll of 170 IT decision-makers and network engineers, the report states that most businesses are frustrated by “shortcomings in data management”.

Their most significant challenges include a lack of control over company data, and the inability to examine data holistically and generate actionable insights.

Asked how they would like to utilise data in an ideal scenario, most respondents said they would improve security posture, conduct real-time analysis and make data-informed decisions.

The report also suggests ensuring data remains secure is the chief concern of businesses today, with two of the top three fears relating to compliance.

Companies are also struggling to fill the workforce with relevant skills and necessary knowledge. A third said their businesses are not equipped with the skills to manage the “explosion of data".

“A lot of the most precious knowledge is already within a company,” says report contributor and tech philosopher Tom Chatfield.

“Skilling up your employees so they can have conversations with computer scientists and use APIs is often much more valuable than asking a computer science PhD to quickly gain an understanding of a new sector.”