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Companies are changing their IT priorities following coronavirus

(Image credit: Future)

The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to change their IT priorities, according to a new report from Telstra.

Based on a poll of circa 120 business leaders, the report states that businesses are accelerating digital transformation projecting, embracing video conferencing and scrambling to ensure network capacity is sufficient.

The vast majority businesses polled (93 percent) said they have altered their IT priorities significantly. Most are focused on the shift to virtual communication, with 98 percent describing video as the “new voice in collaboration”.

Besides video collaboration, businesses are also intent on maintaining or improving customer experience despite the transition to remote working, with almost half adopting a cloud-first contact centre strategy.

Finally, network stability has become an increasingly important factor, as eight in ten businesses claimed to have “a percentage of employees” that could not work due to ICT challenges.

Another problem that surfaced as a result of the pandemic is how few businesses have an appropriate business continuity plan in place - nearly one in ten, per the report. 

According to Telstra, businesses need to “dramatically widen the scope of BCP, but also to rely on more data tools to discover the hidden relationships between data sets, identify more vulnerabilities and consider ways to generate a risk score on a more formal and regular basis.”