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Companies are looking for rugged detachables

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / Martin Voltri)

Organisations are very much interested in equipping their mobile workforce with detachables, according to a new report by Panasonic. 

The report, which was released recently during CeBIT, says detachable devices with screens ranging from 12 to 13.3 inches are in the 'sweet spot', when it comes to screen size. The second key element to a well-built device is ruggedization.

The report, entitled Why Tablets Can Successfully Transform your Business, is based on a poll of 1,203 IT decision makers and line-of-business managers. For 60 per cent of respondents, tablets are high on their priorities list for this year. Among those that have already made such purchases, 80 per cent are planning on adding more devices to their portfolio.

More than 50 per cent of those who have not yet purchased tablets are thinking about it, or already have plans to do so. 

Detachables are expected to grow from 3 per cent to 28 per cent of total tablets this year. Slates, even though they'll grow in volume, will fall eight per cent, down to 48 per cent. 

“Combining the desired larger screen size with the versatility of a detachable keyboard and a tablet that can be used in multiple modes enables the devices to meet a variety of business needs,” said Jan Kaempfer, General Manager of Marketing for Panasonic Computer Product Solutions. 

“With the wide range of business ports, customisation options and long battery life, the latest Panasonic devices are suitable for mobile workers in a wide range of sectors including emergency services, government, defence, manufacturing, utilities and telecommunications”. 

Image Credit: Flickr / Martin Voltri

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