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Companies need to get easier access to their documents

(Image credit: Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay)

A key objective for most organisations nowadays is having easy access to their information, according to a new report from Kyocera Document Solutions Europe which claims that simple access remains a challenge across businesses.

One of the challenges is storage. Organisations with vast amounts of data, which haven’t digitised fully yet, find it difficult to find sufficient storage space.

Security and budget constraints are also important factors, the report says, adding that digitisation could be seen as a solution. Not only does it cut costs, but also provides businesses with “knock-on effects” such as customer satisfaction.

Michael Powell, Software Product Marketing Expert at Kyocera, says easy access is essential nowadays, if for no other reason – then because of how demanding customers have become.

“Customers are becoming more demanding than ever before at a time when we all demand everything now. Technology allows us to gain the information that we need in just a few clicks, so companies are demanding that option in order to satisfy their customers,” Powell claims.

“Analogue approaches to how documentation is stored and accessed are outdated and must be brought into our modern world, where digital transformation rules supreme. Only by capitalising on the gains that can be made through innovative technology, such as Content Services, can businesses truly resolve their information handling conundrum,” Powell adds.