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Condé Nast turns to IBM's Watson to identify influencers

In an effort to better aid advertisers in connecting with their audiences, the media company Condé Nast has decided to partner with the influencer marketing platform Influential to utilise its enabled technology platform powered by IBM's Watson.

Influential's platform uses IBM's Personality Insights service to scan and analyse social media feeds to help advertisers connect with their audiences and receive feedback on the success of their campaigns. The platform itself is constantly improving as a result of Watson's ability to learn from its previous interactions which allows it to increase its knowledge over time.

Influential's technology works by identifying softer metrics such as how an influencer is thought of by their followers and which brands will fit best with their specific personality. This allows advertisers to make better decisions when it comes to who they will choose to publicly support their brands.

Each of Condé Nast's publications will utilise this technology to find the right social influencers to support their brand campaigns. Clients who advertise with these publications will in turn be provided with real-time reporting and insights into the effectiveness of their ads.

The general manager of digital strategy and initiatives at Condé Nast, Matt Starker, explained the company's reasoning behind partnering with Influential, saying: “Partnering with Influential to leverage Watson's cognitive capabilities to identify the right influencers and activate them on the right campaigns gives our clients an advantage and increases our performance, which is paramount in today's distributed content world.”

Though Condé Nast is one of the first large companies to utilise Watson's cognitive technology, we could see more marketers taking advantage of this emerging technology to better reach their audiences in the future. 

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Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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