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Consumers discourage friends from their telecom brands

The majority of consumers in the UK would not recommend their telecommunications provider to their friends and family. Still, they haven't switched telecoms in the past five years. 

These interesting results are coming from EY-Seren, whose new report looks into consumer attitude towards various industries. Telecoms and energy are the only two sectors where consumers would rather actively discourage their friends from using most major providers. According to the report, which is based on a poll of 2,000 consumers, TalkTalk ranked the worst, with 15 per cent who would rather discourage their friends and family from taking the provider. On the other end of the spectrum, retail is what consumers would recommend most. Amazon is among those who the consumers would actively recommend rather than not (63 per cent vs 6 per cent). 

The report then continues, saying that 47 per cent haven't switched telecommunications provider in the last five years. It concludes by saying that the attitude is created mostly by the experience with the brand, and not by the quality of the product itself.  

“It’s clear that major telecoms and energy providers are failing to deliver the experience customers want. This could be anything from bad websites to annoying customer call centres, or just not being able to complete tasks quickly and simply,” said Ben Rubin, development director at EY-Seren, a design and innovation consultancy specialising in customer experience. 

“These industries have managed to cling on to customers because of the relatively high barriers to entry for smaller, more customer focused competitors, and also the level of hassle required for customers who want to switch. However, it is starting to change and emerging companies who can deliver what customers want, in the same way that Uber did for taxis, and Airbnb did for hotels, are starting to win market share from established companies.” 

The full report can be found on this link (opens in new tab).      

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