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Consumers hate repeating themselves. I repeat - consumers hate repeating themselves.

Three quarters of UK consumers hate repeating themselves when they have an issue with a brand, a new report by UBM says. This repeating, whether it’s in a store, online or on the phone, happens when consumers have an issue, and brands are not sure which division can help them solve it.  

For 73 per cent of respondents, not having a joined up service experience was also an issue.  Consumers in the poll were asked what they thought about automation in customer service, and the opinions are all over the place. More than a third (37 per cent) said they didn’t like it because it was either ‘inefficient’ or ‘frustrating’. 

Another 32 per cent said they liked it, because for them it accelerated the process.  Self-checkouts and voice recognition sounds positive to 44 per cent of respondents, as it makes the process simpler and faster. 

On the other hand, 45 per cent don’t like it because they feel people will lose their jobs over it. 

“The lessons to be learned from this survey are that there’s no one-size fits all solution; brands need to be in tune with who their customers are in order to deliver the right solution to that demographic” Rebecca Slater, Brand Manager for UBM said. 

The report also found that consumers like getting marketing offers from brands, but they don’t want to allow them access to their data online. Discount codes would entice 80 per cent of respondents to make a purchase, followed by free delivery (73 per cent) and early access to sales (25 per cent).