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Consumers want retailers to be honest about data breaches

Consumers want a lot of things from their online retailers, but one of the most important things is honesty when it comes to data breaches. A new poll by NTT Security has asked consumers what retailers can do to build consumer trust, and the majority (80 per cent) said they should offer more transparency when it comes to data breaches. 

What's also interesting is the findings regarding consumer behaviour following a breach. Usually, these reports would say that the majority would quit the site and go somewhere else. This time around, however, just 18 per cent said they’d stop using the site entirely. A third would continue, but would upgrade the security on their account. Consumers mostly worry about their data being stolen, but also about sites being fake, and getting phishing emails which contain malware. Identity theft and online payment systems are also causes for worry in many cases. 

“The retail sector is among one of the most targeted industries for attacks and, with one of the busiest trading periods of the year now upon us, it makes sense that both consumers and retailers are diligent in terms of data security,” commented Stuart Reed, Director at NTT Security. 

“While some shoppers are happy to continue using sites, even when they have been breached, they are also anxious for retailers to let customers know when they have been hacked. Consumers certainly seem to be growing in security awareness when online; more savvy, they are willing to take responsibility for their own security to some extent, but they are also more demanding of retailers and expect to see privacy and security polices displayed clearly on websites.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Pretty Vectors