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Customers will stay away from hacked companies

It's always interesting to read polls on how people would react if services they use get hacked. One day, polls show everyone would flee into the arms of competitors, and the other day, they'd stick around no matter what.  Today is the day when everyone flees. 

The newest report on the issue comes from cyber-security company Positive Technologies. It polled 1,000 people, and 48 per cent said they'd 'cancel account' if a provider suffers a breach. Another third (35 per cent) would actively avoid hacked companies. Almost half (45 per cent) would claim damages, and a quarter (24 per cent) would join others for a class action.  

“As people wake up to the sensitivity of the data stored about them by the companies which provide their mobile phones, banking, healthcare, leisure and more, they become even more protective,” said Alex Matthews, EMEA Technical Manager at Positive Technologies. 

“These organisations are responsible for collecting and protecting massive amounts of data, yet the last twelve months have proven they can fall prey to hackers. TalkTalk, Yahoo, Three, and even Tesco Bank are all respectable brands that have been compromised in some way, with customers left feeling violated. In the end, they vote with their feet and walk away. It takes a lot of time and money to acquire new customers, but only seconds to lose them.” 

“The security industry has been warning that it’s not a case of if a company will be breached, but when. The issue is, hackers just need to get lucky once while defenders need to win every time. Organisations must lock data down tight if they don’t want customers to walk.”   

Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock

Sead Fadilpašić

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