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Cyber-security only a top priority for one in ten businesses

(Image credit: Image Credit: Methodshop / Pixabay)

Just ten per cent of UK’s businesses see cyber-security as the biggest challenge to their economic success. 

New data from Fujitsu found that just six per cent of companies believe the same about the impact cyber-security threats have on the UK’s economic future, today.

At the same time, a new report by the National Cyber Security Centre states that cyber-attacks against businesses in the UK are on the rise.

Fujitsu’s report also states that more than a third (34 per cent) of the UK public are happy to share personal data with companies. At the same time, a fifth (20 per cent) sees cyber-security as the biggest challenge the UK is faced today.

“With threats we face today only set to rise, all organisations in the public or private sector, no matter what shape or size, are vulnerable to a cyber-attack. With the ripple effect of an attack no longer within the four walls of an organisation, businesses need to rethink their approach and stop defying cybersecurity practices,” said Rob Norris, VP head of enterprise & cyber security EMEIA at Fujitsu.

“Although organisational awareness is on the rise, many still struggle to put in place the right measures in place to safeguard employees, customers and the broader business. Because even the best-run company could suffer from a hack or data breach, organisations should adopt a two-pronged approach by complementing employee training and awareness with continued investment in technical and security controls. In doing so, businesses can be on the front foot for proactively identifying and managing threats instead of waiting for breaches to happen.

“After all, cybercrime is not a probability, it is an inevitability and it will be the way in which businesses prepare for it however, that can make all the difference.”

Image Credit: Methodshop / Pixabay 

Sead Fadilpašić

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