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Cyberattacks could shut down your whole business

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje)

Cyberattacks pose a realistic threat of a full operational shutdown for various enterprises and industrial organisations, according to a new Tripwire report.

Polling 263 industrial control system (ICS) professionals from various industries, including energy, manufacturing, chemical, dam, nuclear, water, food, automotive and transportation, the report claims that almost all (93 per cent) worry about a cyberattack shutting their entire operation down, or causing downtime for their customers.

The majority (77 per cent) is trying to combat these threats by investing further into ICS cybersecurity solutions, but half of the respondents believe they’re not spending enough to sleep peacefully. What’s worse, they don’t believe their organisation would consider investing further, unless they were to suffer a serious cybersecurity incident.

Just 12 per cent of all respondents were highly confident they could not get breached.

Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure and manufacturers pose a real threat to the safety, productivity and quality of operations,” said Kristen Poulos, vice president and general manager of industrial cybersecurity at Tripwire. “In these environments, where virtual and physical converge, cyber events can interfere with an operator’s ability to view, monitor or control their processes. Investing in industrial cybersecurity should be a priority in protecting operations from disruption.”

The report also unveiled that roughly half of organisations have more than 70 per cent of their assets tracked in an asset inventory, while a third don’t have a baseline of normal behaviour for their operational technology devices and networks.

Four in ten don’t have a centralised log management solution for their operational technology gear.