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Data breaches are no more common, despite home working

(Image credit: Image Credit: B-lay)

Businesses are getting better at identifying and stopping cyberattacks, a new report from DomainTools suggests.

The report, based on a poll of more than 520 security professionals from a variety of businesses, states that the volume of security breaches remained “essentially unchanged” from last year.

At the same time, almost two thirds (60 percent) of organizations detected either a moderate or a dramatic increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic.

According to Domain Tools, a significant increase in attacks without an increase in breaches "points to a rise in the overall breach prevention success rate”.

Even some of the poll’s respondents were caught off-guard by how well their organization had performed; twelve percent said they would have given their organization a lower grade before the pandemic.

Remote working has proven more challenging for some businesses than others, where cybersecurity is concerned, the report goes on to explain.

Almost half (44 percent) were unprepared (or unsure if prepared) for a fully remote workforce, and nearly two thirds (60 percent) said working from home made their organization more vulnerable.

It was also said that organizations that provided their employees with cybersecurity education and training were better protected, compared to those that didn’t.