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Cybercriminals are making a killing selling access to business networks

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Hackers are earning massive amounts of money selling access to compromised networks on the dark web, a new paper from cyber threat intelligence firm IntSights asserts.

The company’s researchers sifted through both Russian and English-speaking dark web forums and found that attackers often sell access to compromised networks to other groups. 

Sometimes they found they were not skilled enough to take the attack to the next level, and sometimes they thought the breached network contained nothing of value and would rather sell on to someone else.

The average price for access to a network is $9,640, although in most cases, the price sits at approximately $3,000. There were a few highly expensive listings, however, going up to $95,000. 

Most listings offer access to telecommunications or technology companies, although there were some for healthcare firms as well. Most of the time, hackers auction off the access, but there are instances in which they would negotiate a price over time. 

Most commonly, hackers sell RDP credentials or VPN login details, as well as web shells. These details often include the victim’s name, type of access, level, location, or industry. In some cases, the sellers detail the type and number of machines found on the compromised network, as well as the types of data that could be found there.