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Cybercriminals drop 'noisy' attacks for stealthier alternatives

(Image credit: Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock)

“Noisy” cyberattacks may shine the media spotlight on an incident, but the popularity of such tactics is on the wane among cybercriminals, according to a new report from website security firm SiteLock.

In its annual report, SiteLock states that stealthier methods were favoured by cybercriminals in the past 12 months, because “increasingly sophisticated” tactics that can go undetected for longer periods are more lucrative in the long-term.

Backdooring was by far the most popular method (65 percent) followed by filehacker (48 percent), malicious Eval request (22 percent) and Shell Script (22 percent). Perhaps surprisingly, phishing was responsible for only 7 percent of incidents.

At the same time, the number of attacks against websites rose significantly. In the past year alone, the figured jumped by 52 percent to 94 attacks per site per day - or an attack roughly every 15 minutes.

The report also analysed the effects of WordPress plugins, finding that for every five plugins installed on a site, the risk of compromise nearly doubles.

Almost 13 million sites are currently infected with malware, according to SiteLock.