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Cybersecurity is the main driver of digital transformation initiatives

(Image credit: Image Credit: The Digital Artist / Pixabay)

Cybersecurity is the main driver of digital transformation efforts, according to a new report from Imago Technologies.

Based on a poll of more than 600 attendees of the DTX: NOW event, the report states that cybersecurity - and digital transformation as a whole - is now driven primarily by Covid-19 and the surge in remote working.

But cybersecurity is far from being the only motive for digital transformation; respondents also gestured towards the benefits of cloud, data analytics and more advanced network infrastructure.

Among the main challenges for IT leaders are the need to adapt to digital culture, business process automation and choosing the right cloud strategy.

Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest barrier to delivering digital transformation projects on time is not budget, but rather changing organizational dynamics.

The most significant barriers to individual projects, meanwhile, were revealed to be changing scope, reduced budgets and changing team structure.

“Covid-19 is a catalyst for digital transformation, but it’s a leveler too. We’re hearing from IT leaders that there is a shift in which technologies businesses are investing in," said James McGough, MD at Imago Techmedia.

"Ensuring the vast majority of employees could work from home practically overnight has exposed issues with IT strategy, and modernizing the core tech stack has become an immediate priority for just about every organization."