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Cybersecurity workers don’t have the tools they need

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pavel Ignatov / Shutterstock)

A worrying number of cybersecurity professionals are considering quitting their jobs because of the serious lack of both people and the right tools which prevents them from doing their job properly. 

Without proper manpower or the tools, cybersecurity pros are faced with too many security alerts to handle, resulting in increasing pressure in the workplace.

According to a new report by Censornet, they do have tools – in some occasions even too many of them (33 on average), but these are not helping. What these tools are doing, is creating an alert overload and are just making things worse. So what would be considered proper tools?

Autonomous security solutions could react on their own and prevent attacks, which would help security experts greatly, Censornet’s report claims.

Information overload aside, these tools are also often ineffective. This was the second biggest threat organisations are facing, together with new and upcoming threats, such as ransomware.

The biggest benefits of automated security solutions would be improved response and prevention (66 per cent), as well as more free time for analysts, to focus on the bigger picture and things of higher priority (52 per cent).

When asked what would make their work life better, most (74 per cent) said more cash (duh), followed by less stress (53 per cent) and more time to focus on activities that add more value (45 per cent).

Image Credit: Pavel Ignatov / Shutterstock