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Data analysis most sought-after skill

Data analysis is now considered the most important skill a person could learn for the next two years. This is according to a new report by BlueVenn, entitled Customer data: The monster under the bed? The report says 72 per cent of marketers consider data analysis vital. This has placed it firmly on top, above skills like social media (65 per cent), web development (31 per cent) graphics design (23 per cent), or search engine optimisation (SEO – 13 per cent). 

More than a quarter (27 per cent) still hand over the work to the IT department.  

“With the potential of big data, marketers have a better opportunity than ever before to truly understand their customers’ decision making processes,” said Anthony Botibol, Marketing Director at BlueVenn. 

“Unfortunately, as it stands most marketers simply don’t have the time, the knowledge or the tools necessary to undertake this task in a practical and effective way.” 

In large enterprises, 80 per cent of marketers see data analysis as a ‘vital’ skill. Data segmentation and modelling are also considered very important.  

“While there is definitely a skills shortage when it comes to data analysis, I would argue that marketers shouldn’t have to skill-up in order to achieve this. Nobody should need to have a degree in data science in order to generate value from their customers’ information, what they need are tools and technologies that can simplify the task. Until marketers are provided with these tools, they will never unlock the true potential of their customers’ data.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens