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Data analytics practices plagued with inefficiencies

(Image credit: Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens)

Data analytics practices are plagued with inefficiencies, according to a new report from automated data integration provider Fivetran. 

Polling circa 500 data professionals, the firm uncovered "surprising" information surrounding how data analysts spend their working days and the challenges they face.

According to Fivetran, most data analysts spend less than half of the day actually analysing data. Much of the rest of the day is wasted as a result of various bottlenecks.

For example, more than 60 percent reported wasting time waiting for engineering resources, multiple times a month. Others said they often spent a third of every workday simply attempting to access the data, while the vast majority (90%) also said unreliable data sources slow them down.

For George Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Fivetran, these struggles are “astounding”.

“To keep critical analytics projects moving, these unsung heroes contend with numerous workarounds to compensate for unavailable engineering resources and unreliable data sources.”

Businesses, according to the report, stand to gain much by making the lives of data analysts easier. By allowing them to spend more time analysing data, and less time finding, fixing and stabilising data, businesses could be driving better decisions and thus increasing profits.

“Much of the problem lies in data integrity, quality and access,” notes the report, “the top three challenges almost unanimously pointed to by the survey respondents.”