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Data centres contributing millions to the UK economy

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The UK’s data centre industry is hitting new highs when it comes to profitability and financial returns, new figures have revealed.

A new report by Digital Reality looking at what data centres are doing for the UK economy estimated that the nation's data centres are currently worth £73.3 billion a year.

Data centres will give the UK economy quite the boost, if the report is to be believed. Businesses investment increases of up to 11 per cent in data infrastructure and new technology could mean the UK could hit £101.6 billion by 2025, compared to current projections of £94.6bn.

The report, entitled The Data Economy Report, says data centres are offering “continued contribution”. The industry creates up to £320 million in value every year from each data centres. Every new data centre creates an extra annual value of up to £436 million.

Data makes businesses’ existing services simpler, faster and more reliable, the report says, adding that its value also comes from providing and managing infrastructure, connectivity and services underpinning successes across a full range of economic activity.

“The UK’s goal is to lead the world in creating innovative businesses, and continued growth of its data economy is vital in achieving that goal.” said Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult. “The Data Economy Report provides a clear road map for businesses, suggesting that by investing in the right foundations, technology innovations and partners, they will grab a significant dividend.”

“Data infrastructure and services underpin the UK’s digital economy but its value is often underestimated. With The Data Economy Report, its worth to businesses and the wider economy is apparent,” said Rob Coupland, managing director EMEA, Digital Realty. “We urge British businesses to invest in the right tools, infrastructure and partners to get more value out of data and take a piece of a £101.6 billion national opportunity.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Scanrail1

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