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Data curation to become a key focus this year

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje)

This year and beyond, more and more companies will want to see that their sensitive data is being carefully looked after, a new Fujitsu report says. According to the “Blind spots and security basics – letting your guard down could cost you in 2017” report, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) moves closer, more investors, shareholders, customers and regulators will require their partners, co-workers, but also the entire supply chain, to make sure industry-grade protection is in place. 

Fujitsu says specialist data loss prevention tools (DLP) work well when used properly but, as you might have guessed by now – they rarely are used properly. 

“Many businesses either approach DLP piecemeal or assume that using a DLP tool alone is enough,” the report states. 

“Organisations will need to look at the risks, find the key data to protect and watch their networks carefully. They will also need to protect the sensitive data of third parties  as much as they protect their own.”

Fujitsu says a lot of responsibility lies in the supply chain. It also says there is a big difference between what organisations expect of their suppliers and what suppliers contractually have to do. That’s why global businesses will start looking for ‘clear proof’ of good data use from key professional advisers. 

That includes law firms, accountancy practices and business consultancies. 

“The biggest clients are well placed to insist on good data security as a condition of working with such advisers. This trend appears set to grow long into 2017 and beyond.”

Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje