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Data migrations can be a pain. Enter Flatfile

(Image credit: Flatfile)

Ensuring your business is equipped with the latest data, and the right technology to get the most out of that information, is a vital challenge for almost every organisation.

But getting that data exactly where you want it to be can sometimes be trickier than expected - especially if you're importing, migrating and onboarding B2B data across a variety of sources.

Nobody wants to be left waiting for hours whilst your systems compile, import and check mountains of incoming data - and that's why data onboarding is more crucial than ever. With over half of businesses contacted in the recent Flatfile State of Data Onboarding report saying they import data on a daily basis, and nearly a quarter saying it can take weeks or months to import customer data, there's never been a better time to up your data import game.  

Flatfile data

(Image credit: Flatfile)

Flatfile is hoping to reduce the pain of managing and onboarding customer data through its suite of software offerings that could really make a difference when it comes to your data efficiency.

This includes Flatfile Portal, which looks to greatly streamline how spreadsheet data is imported to your business. With just a simple but powerful import button, your customers are able to quickly import the information you want to your web app, supporting a wide range of file types including CSV, XLS or TSV all supported. 

Even if you're importing mega spreadsheets, Portal can take the strain - Flatfile is able to import up to 2,097,152 rows  - including over 200MB per file with 100 characters on average, without seeing any kind of slowdown.

And you can keep tabs on your data thanks to Flatfile’s automatic validation features, which give you control over how data is formatted. Flatfile's Data Hooks are able to automatically format spreadsheet data as it is brought in, meaning imported data is clean and ready to use - and no more wrangling over things like leading zeroes or split fields.

This customisation also extends to the whole importer, meaning you can personalise the service to match the look and feel of your app, making data entry and importing as seamless as possible.

The company has also recently rolled out a first look at Flatfile Concierge, a new product that looks to solve the pain of B2B data migrations.

Flatfile Concierge is a 100% no-code, collaborative platform that looks to quickly and smoothly onboard your customer information, automatically matching columns and running validation checks to make sure any messy spreadsheets are imported as clean, ready-to-use data.

Flatfile Concierge looks to make it easy to import spreadsheets and merge multiple Excel files with confidence, even if you're dealing with older software editions, and all whilst offering complete security via a secure portal where all collaborators have their own authenticated login. 

There's no need to keep emailing Excel files back and forth, or uploading CSVs by FTP.  Just let Flatfile Concierge handle the tasks through a secure, collaborative workspace that offers you access to your data in real time.

So if you're looking for a simple and elegant way to upgrade your import game, then you can sign up for a trial of Flatfile Portal and Flatfile Concierge now.