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Dell Boomi reimagines iPaaS with intelligence and blockchain capabilities

In its continued efforts to build the connected business, Dell Boomi has announced its product vision to reinvent the iPaaS industry with new intelligence and blockchain capabilities.

The company believes that iPaaS needs to do more than just integrate applications, it needs to provide connectivity across the entire business ecosystem. 

Boomi’s reinvented iPaaS starts with a new user experience (UX) designed to be accessible to people with all levels of tech savviness. Users can focus on the problems they need to solve with guidance provided to suit the project they are working on. The new UX is also designed to support real time collaboration across teams and users with requisite controls and tracking.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will also be making its way to Boomi’s platform with 20TB of anonymous metadata used to incorporate intelligence into every step of a user’s journey. This pervasive knowledge is included in every aspect of the company’s platform to aid users in being more productive.

Finally Boomi announced that support for both the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platforms is coming to its platform. This new addition will allow customers to easily incorporate blockchain smart contracts into their business processes.

Dell Boomi’s Chief Product Officer Steve Wood explained why iPaaS needs to be about more than integration, saying:

“iPaaS is no longer just about integration, it is about pervasive connectivity and business transformation. If a business simply emphasizes the ability to integrate, then it is only focusing on a piece of the puzzle. Boomi offers an iPaaS platform that delivers transformation by connecting people as well as data. The iPaaS of today will not be the iPaaS of tomorrow and it is Boomi’s vision to redefine the market in order to provide the best integration cloud technology to our customers and partners.”

Image Credit: Dell Boomi

Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.