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Dell Boomi - Why we can unlock the data to fuel your business

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As organisations of all sizes look to respond to the modern technological world, knowing how best to evolve with the changes can be a challenge.

Dell Boomi is looking to simplify this obstacle by offering a straightforward way for companies to simplify their process across hybrid IT landscapes. ITProPortal spoke to the firm's CEO, Chris McNabb, to find out what your business can do to ensure digital transformation is as painless as possible.

Originally founded in 2000, Dell Boomi operates around the world, with over a hundred Fortune 500 companies using its services. McNabb highlights that the EMEA region is one of Boomi's top focuses at the moment, noting that, "growing's one of our fastest-growing regions."

"Right now, the market is red-hot," he adds, "there's a tremendous amount of greenfield opportunity - people are looking to get into integration platforms as a service for the first time."

"It's an extraordinarily exciting time for all organisations worldwide right now...the opportunity for them to legitimately change the trajectory and speed of their business is here. These technologies can make a big difference in your business...and picking the right vendor can make all the difference."

As businesses become more focused on their digital capabilities, Dell Boomi is well placed to take advantage, helping bridge the gap between the multiple vendors and suppliers a business may have.

McNabb mentions four "critical transformations" that the company aims to provide its customers, which focus not just on digital transformations, but also IT, security and workforce.

Workforce transformation is a particular focus, he says, as it is a process that begins as soon as an employee joins the company. Workers are looking to engage in new ways across every hour of their day, whether that be flexible working, but also BYOD schemes and hybrid cloud systems.

"You have to think about how you want to engage all your constituents," McNabb says, "not only your employees, your customers, your partners, prospects - everyone that's in your ecosystem - you've got to come up with a modern way to engage them."

"Boomi unlocks the data to fuel your business."

Boomi became part of Dell back in 2010, and since that time, McNabb says that the company has gone from strength to strength thanks to the reciprocal relationship between the two businesses.

"It's terrific being part of Dell," he says, mentioning the sharing of Dell's sales channel and support staff as one major advantage. "It's been great for Boomi, but also for Dell as well - we get complete executive support from Dell team."

"Dell Technologies is the principle firm you should talk to if you want to transform your business."

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